Solar Scam: Biden Gave $3 Billion 'Loan' to Solar Corp Accused of Scamming the Elderly

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 26, 2023
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Information has emerged that puts into new light the scam many Americans have recognized seeing federal financial “aid” handed to government-favored “technologies of the future.” In this case, it’s part of the giant grift of “anthropogenic climate change” with all its tax-and-lie-and-handout tentacles, and it shows us how the big, government-level scam appears to have been used to scam the elderly.

The company is called Solyndra.

No. Wait. Sorry. Solyndra’s the solar panel company that the Obama Admin fed nearly half-a-billion in taxpayer subsidies (aka “loan guarantees”) in 2009, and which went belly-up in 2011.

We’re talking about Proterra. Yeah, the—

Wait. Sorry. Proterra is the electric bus company that, thanks to current Energy Secretary, then-Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, got $6 million from federally-bailed-out General Motors in 2011, subsequently brought Granholm onto its board in 2017, handed her a bunch of stock options before she became En-Sec, saw the Biden Administration shower laudits on them and connected companies, helping to bump up their stock price, and saw Granholm sell her stock for a cool $1.6 million shortly before Proterra filed for bankruptcy this year.

It's hard to keep track of the grifts.

This new case concerns Sunnova, a Houston-based “solar” company that is accused of ripping off dozens of elderly people – some dying, suffering from dementia.

Alana Goodman reports for The Washington Free Beacon:

“A solar company that was awarded a $3 billion Department of Energy loan has been accused of scamming dementia patients on their deathbeds into signing five-figure, multi-decade solar panel leases, according to interviews and state consumer complaint records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.”

Do you remember being involved in that decision? Since, despite the US Constitution not allowing any handouts or “loan guarantees” for anything, the politicians who tell us “we” all are “represented” by their government plans actually are the ones taking our cash to hand it hither and thither, perhaps people in the Biden Administration will have to pay, along with the corporation, should the complaints run their course?

Not a chance.

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Adds Goodman:

“One Harris County, Texas, woman said her 80-year-old mother was ‘blind, bed bound, partially deaf, on dialysis, with congestive heart failure’ when Sunnova sold the elderly woman a 25-year, $86,000 contract. The mother died three months later.

‘Sunnova used predatory lending tactics and fraud to execute a 25 year contract on an elderly woman that was dying, and would never live 25 years to pay off a contract of this magnitude,’ the complaint read.

Another woman said she was trying to sell the home of a deceased man when she discovered that he had been sold a 25-year solar contract by Sunnova at age 78. She said prospective home buyers didn’t want the solar panels, and she was stuck paying off the $40,000 lease.

“I believe that should be a criminal offense right there,’ she wrote in the complaint.”

Goodman also reports that the Texas attorney general's office didn’t respond to a request for comment. However, the Biden Administration did not offer the loan before information about these complaints appeared. No. The Bidenistas offered it after the Sunnova trouble had started.

“Energy experts say the consumer records should have raised alarms when the DOE was vetting the company.

‘This is reminiscent of the mortgages of the 2000s, just getting people to sign, with no care at all as to the consequences,’ one former DOE official told the Free Beacon. ‘Why not just call it subprime solar?’"

Goodman also observes that Sen. John Barrasso (R., Wyo.), who is the top-ranking Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee (why do the DC politicians have such a committee if power over “energy and natural resources” is not one enumerated in the Constitution?), and some of his allies have been investigating “potential conflicts of interest at the DOE’s Loan Programs Office (LPO), including its funding to Sunnova.”

And the investigations have been leading to a particular Biden Administration official.

“Before LPO director Jigar Shah joined the Biden administration, he founded and led a trade association called Cleantech Leaders Roundtable, which shares a board member with Sunnova. Cleantech Leaders Roundtable has become a gatekeeper for companies seeking loans from Shah’s office, cohosting paid events for its members with the LPO director, the Free Beacon reported in October.

‘The potential for conflicts of interest, especially in light of a $3 billion loan approval for Sunnova, a company who shares a board member with Cleantech Leaders Roundtable, cannot be overlooked,’ said Barrasso in a letter to DOE’s ethics counsel Susan Beard this month.”

But, in a way, much of this is academic, since the entire system of handouts is a scam, taking not only our cash against our will but also placing more of the growing $33 TRILLION U.S. debt on people who have not even been born.

The ages and vulnerabilities of these alleged victims adds even more insult to a system of perpetual victimization, wherein the politicians gain their power slots, use them to fleece us and our progeny, claim it's for our good or it’s an “investment,” and make up fantasy stories about climate and “green” energy that they use as cover for their grifts.

Even if the company were not engaged in scams, and even if the climate fears promulgated by politicians and pop media were valid, taking money from anyone to fund what the political elites prefer would be no more justified than theft.

It is theft, and these alleged victims put faces on it. But, really, we all wear the faces of victimhood when it comes to government, and it might be a wise idea to oppose it.

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