Typically Tyrannical: Biden Admin Slips Out Slew Of 'Regulations' Over Holidays

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 1, 2024
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As tyrants so often do, on December 29th the Biden Administration quietly slid out a “slow-news/Holiday-hidden” announcement of many more “regulations” it is imposing on your market choices of home appliances.

And to add insult to injury, it’s all for their religion-like claim to be preventing a Kali-esque demigod, “anthropogenic climate change” from destroying the world.

It’s a false religion, backed by fake claims of “science” and false claims of “savings” that they’re imposing on you.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

Indeed, as American families gathered for the Holidays, the Biden Department of Energy (DOE) under slick, smarmy, “enriched by stock options received from palsy corporations” DOE head Jennifer Granholm and her cult released the song of Kali.

Nick Pope reports on it, for DailyCaller:

"The Department of Energy (DOE) finalized or proposed a bevy of regulatory actions cracking down on numerous appliances on Friday.

The DOE proposed new rules designed to promote ‘energy efficient’ commercial fans and blowers, and also finalized energy efficiency standards for refrigerators and freezers, the agency announced Friday. The regulatory actions are the latest in a string of moves by the Biden administration intended to phase out a host of fossil fuel-powered appliances and replace them on the market with more energy efficient, and often electric, equivalents.”

I suspect that you, too, might be wondering where their vaunted US Constitution hides the so-called “authority” for the feds to create a DOE, let alone tell private makers of appliances what they can and cannot offer you to freely purchase or leave on the showroom floor. Perhaps, you, also, might be scratching your head over the easy way elitist bureaucrats and politicians claim to define for US what is “efficient.”

Well, you’d better extend the sentiment of “Silent Night” to your potential protestations about those matters, because, of course, the mandates are for YOUR OWN GOOD, to stop their magic monster of “anthropogenic climate change,” and if you should question either their mandates or their faulty claims of “science,” you are an apostate of the new religion.

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And if you want an idea of what is targeted, even as you see how “efficient” the tax-fed writers of DOE are, here is the sub-head of their “announcement”:

“DOE Proposes New Rule For Energy Efficient Commercial Fans and Blowers and Finalizes Refrigerator and Freezer Standards with Strong Industry and Stakeholder Support, Bolstering Biden-Harris Administration Efforts to Strengthen Outdated Efficiency Standards to Save Americans ~$1 Trillion Over 30 Years”

And, now that she’s pocketed almost $2 million in stock options given to her by an “electric vehicle” bus company that she helped get fed money when she was Governor of Michigan (that company just filed for bankruptcy, juuuuust after she got to sell her stock), DOE head Jennifer Granholm has some holiday cheer to force on you, in all its propagandistic glory:

“’Today’s announcement is a testament to the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to lowering utility costs for working families, which is helping to simultaneously strengthen energy independence and combat the climate crisis,’ Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said of her agency’s actions. ‘DOE will continue to move quickly in 2024—together with our industry partners and stakeholders—to update and strengthen outdated energy efficiency standards, which is critical to innovation, more consumer options, and healthier communities.’”

Curiously, all her cozy fascist terms like “partners” and “stakeholders” and “standards,” and her warmed-over populist pablum of “working families,” “consumer options,” and “healthier communities” are, under this paradigm, defined and controlled by the government and represent favoritism and force.

The government uses terms such as “regulation,” and “rule,” and “standard,” as replacements for the real term “state threats,” and to cloud their moves to push around makers, sellers, and buyers who have their own goals, their own calculations about what is “efficient” and their OWN FREEDOM to be left the heck alone.

But, regardless of ethics, regardless of economics being fueled by the freedom of consumers and sellers to show their preferences and inspire suppliers to keep reducing costs and improving their products in order to beat other suppliers, Granny Granholm seems to think she knows best.

Rather than choice, she imposes, mandates, and threatens.

The time of year makes no difference. Some of us notice, and we can tell others about the dangerous deceivers who work to destroy even our choices for appliances.

The more of our friends who know, the better our chance of stopping this kind of activity from these and future generations of busybodies and bullies.


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