What Is a 'Natural Asset Company,' How Is It Tied To Global Collectivism, and Why Is Biden's SEC Pushing It?

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 23, 2024
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On Wednesday, January 17, the “Division of Trading and Markets” within the Biden Administration’s Constitution-insulting “Securities and Exchange Commission” pulled from “Fast Track” approval its plan to see so-called “Natural Asset Companies/Corporations” (NAC) allowed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

But they have not given up - and, in fact, their move gives them room to let time pass, see concerned members of the public become focused on other matters, and then to push forward with their long-term plan.

So what is a Natural Asset Company, and why should people who believe in freedom be alarmed about the SEC “allowing” them to become publicly traded?

The political origami requires some unfolding, always with an eye on international and domestic collectivist interests that have had long-term plans to close off and take over vast swathes of land in every US state.

Let’s begin an investigation into this by looking at the immediate development, thanks to Thomas Catenacci, of FoxNews:

“NACs are a type of company that is chartered to ‘protect, restore and grow the natural assets,’ according to the Intrinsic Exchange Group, a non-profit which collaborated with the NYSE to develop the new corporate taxonomy.”

But what do many of those terms signify, and how could they be part of a larger, long-term climate-collectivist plan to attack private property and hand it to big, multinational corporations and governments?

The answers lie a powerful chain of national and international events and forces, mostly connected to the "green" anti-private-property agenda, but also running parallel to the unquestioned US government claim that the SEC can dictate to others what are "acceptable" accounting standards.

First, the SEC.

The SEC is not constitutional and is premised on a misreading of the Interstate Commerce Clause (Art 1, Sec 8), which was designed to allow Congress to handle disputes between States should one state impose a trade block against products or services coming from other states.

The SEC also engages in economic fascism by telling people what are "acceptable" accounting standards – and that is key to our investigation.

Not only is this SEC activity wrong and backed by government threats against those who would rather be left alone to do their accounting and cater to willing customers, the SEC claim to power also opens the backdoor to them creating fictional "accounting standards" that allow fraudulent claims of value by specially favored businesses.

In other words, “Natural Asset Companies.” 

The NAC concept exists to facilitate companies claiming to control land, sea, and air "resources," and then claiming an asset/commodity value for NOT utilizing those pieces of land, or sea, etc.

Which, of course, flips accounting on its head. Rather than having a plus in a balance sheet for something that has brought a company a sale, from which the company has profited in the market, this new “accounting” method would see a pretense of value for NOT making any profit.

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In other words, this is a method to let illiquid corporations and "public-private partnerships" claim that the land or water or other natural property they acquire is doing something profitable by NOT DOING ANYTHING WITH IT.

In the “don’t use it,” inverted world of Climate/Carbon-Dioxide fear, the big government gang wants investors to think there is profit in NOT turning a property acquisition into something that consumers buy and on which they affix price points. Instead, the value will be determined by government regulators, as they create arbitrary, baseless things such as “the cost of carbon” and other “environmental, social” governance "values."

The accounting fantasy traces back to early 2023, when the Biden Administration announced that it was developing changes to the SEC’s Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAPs), which aren't "generally accepted" or determined through market means at all, but are government mandates for how accounting will be done.

Under the title, “National Strategy to Develop Statistics for Environmental-Economic Decisions,” this new “accounting standards” would, as the subtitle hints, lay out a “system of natural capital accounting.”

That means the government will begin promoting the corporate non-use of something as a "plus" on the ledger, based on an arbitrary, "pristine-nature," "number value" created by the feds...

Which, itself, stems from a 2021 UN scheme called “Environmental Economic Accounting” (which has been adopted by nearly 100 nation-states) to create the greenie terms and types of "valuable" things that they want taken out of the real market.

In the UN document, the globalists turn market value, profit, and loss, on their heads by claiming that when something is not used, not given a chance to function in a market, it has value that bureaucrats and politicians can assign, as if from the Supreme Soviet of the old USSR.

One can think of it as the flipside to the "cost of carbon" and "climate credit" canards in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) states, whereby a state government claims the power to punish businesses that don’t affix scrubbers to their furnaces or use special fuel blends, or conform to other political diktats. Under RGGI, the government allows companies that do comply to get what are called “carbon credits,” indemnifying them from fines. THEN the government allows these big, well-heeled companies (that could afford to purchase the scrubbers, etc.) to sell their “credits” to smaller companies for less than the fines levied for non-compliance… It's like a mobster promising not to punch a wealthy store owner if the owner puts certain things in his store, and then the mobster allowing that wealthy store owner to sell the “avoid-a-punch” credit to a poorer store owner.

This NAC variation would allow companies to pretend to make a profit by keeping something fallow. By not making a profit with it, by not utilizing it, they can claim something is providing a profit.

Once the Bidenistas established the US version of their UN-inspired “Strategies for Environmental-Economic Decisions” early last year, they set the timetable for the SEC to allow NYSE trading in such NACs.

Which means that “green” companies which aren't actually selling anything could claim to have achieved government-accepted "profitability," or even claim to be helping the world by shutting down facilities.

It sounds insane, but they could claim an expansion of their economic viability by permanently restricting their actual output to the market.

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The Washington Examiner’s Derek Kreifels spells out the monumental danger this NAC idea represents:

“The investment vehicle was the ill-conceived brainchild of the Intrinsic Exchange Group, a far-left spinoff organization, and developed in partnership with the NYSE and the Rockefeller Foundation. Under the proposal, companies designated as publicly traded NACs would secure rights to public and private land use but would be ‘prohibited from directly or indirectly conducting unsustainable activities, such as mining, that lead to the degradation of the ecosystems it is trying to protect.’ 

Whereas conventional companies put land into productive use in order to earn a return for investors, NACs represent the antithesis of that model. Essentially, the whole reason for the NAC designation is to lock up land in perpetuity and sequester it from any development and most activities that benefit human well-being.”

And he adds:

“But don’t take my word for it. As the attorneys general of 25 states wrote in a letter to the SEC, this proposal ‘is a recipe for investment decisions based on guesswork and buzzwords.’  

Yet the Biden administration has wholeheartedly embraced the idea as the private sector component of its so-called 30×30 initiative. This initiative calls for the permanent lockdown of at least 30% of America’s land and waters by 2030, ostensibly to achieve a net-zero emissions economy by 2050. Last year, the administration also announced a strategy to develop statistics to identify and quantify exactly the types of things from which NACs would profit.   

As written, the rule would lay the ground for large swaths of federal lands, including national parks, to become part of untouchable NACs and grants. Even now, the administration is actively working to facilitate the transfer of federal lands to NACs’ authority by way of a new Bureau of Land Management rule that more than two dozen state attorneys general decried as fundamentally at odds with the bureau’s mandate to “manage public lands ‘on the basis of multiple use and sustained yield.’” 

Thus, we can see that, despite the momentary SEC delay in their "fast-track" plan, the Biden gang members are working behind the scenes.

The SEC will bring back the idea and try to slip it in when people are distracted by other dangerous and insane government attacks on our rights and property.

We’ve seen the pause. But we must watch, be vigilant, and oppose all aspects of this march towards massive land-grabs and even more burdensome government control of our lives