PA Gov. Wolf Backs Cities Who Force Residents Off Natural Gas

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 18, 2022
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Imagine you are the protagonist of a detective story, the kind that sees you standing above heaps of dirty coffee mugs, and before a wall chock-full of photos, thumbtacks, notes, government and corporate logos, and yarn connections between the baddies and their plots.

That’s what it’s like covering the “Anthropogenic Climate Change” cult and the ceaseless revelations of their crazy, coercive plans, proposals, and connections. And now, we have another.

The Associated Press reports:

“Citing the need to fight climate change, Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf has vetoed Republican-penned legislation that would have stopped municipalities from adopting building codes that prohibit natural gas hookups.”

Yep. Hidden in that political double-negative is the fact that Wolf wants to allow (and, in fact, seems to advocate for) city-level politicians and bureaucrats banning private property owners from using natural gas as a heating source for homes, offices, shops, and other occupancies.

The Don has acted to be sure that his local thugs can threaten civilians – under the pretext of “saving the planet” from a bogeyman that, year after year, becomes less and less credible, does not show up on most folks’ “Fear Street” bookshelf (even as the leftist pop media fearmonger), and reveals itself as mostly a tool of political control and taxation to mandate “the cure.”

It's a push to get as many Pennsylvania residents connected to politically-controlled electric grids (which likely will be energized by the burning of natural gas or coal to create the steam to turn the turbines that will pump out those precious ions to waiting civilians). And if this scheme sounds familiar, it might be because in December of last year, I reported on Democrat NJ Governor Phil Murphy’s plan to ban oil or natural gas heat by 2050, and in April of this year, I reported on Democrat NY Governor Kathy Hochul’s plan to ban oil or gas heat in any new buildings by 2027, and Democrat Hawaii Gov. David Ige’s moves to shut down the state’s last coal-fired power plant.

The demented drive to force people away from the cheapest and most efficient forms of energy, such as oil, coal, and natural gas, and onto centrally-controlled, unreliable, uncompetitive, government-utility grids that (unless they connect to coal or natural gas energy plants) will be tied to inefficient and unreliable windmills and vast, heat-island-creating solar panel farms, is showing itself on the national level, as well, as President Joe Biden, Democrats in the House and Senate, and plenty of RINOs in both houses take our money and enslave our progeny to subsidize erroneously titled “green” electric grids, electric vehicles, and mandates via the patently unconstitutional and immoral so-called “infrastructure” bill passed in November, last year.

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And Murphy’s smokescreen about “local political control” certainly stings “the mind’s eye” when considering the fact that in 2019 he issued an “Executive Order” mandating, among other “Climate Changey” pipedreams, the creation of a “carbon emission allowances” trading system (i.e. carbon taxes imposed on people who, to avoid the charges, must spend lots of money on “mitigation tech” or change their energy supply, or, when they are “very good slaves,” can “trade” the “allowances” they “earn” from their overlords – all while being told it’s a “free market” system).

Wolf did this in conjunction with plans being laid out in eight other “participating” east coast states (all part of the RGGI, for “Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative” CORPORATION formed in 2009 by the governments of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia).

Which brings us detectives closer to the thumbtacks and string to take a clearer look at the situation.

And, in 2021, guess what? Wolf also announced his desire to change local municipal, resident, and business behavior to facilitate statewide “carbon emissions reduction.” So does anyone not figure that he will use state carrots and sticks to “incentivize” local political pushes for bans on oil and natural gas heat?

Come on, Wolf. Local control? Fatuousness does not become you.

We all remember how Wolf blithely shot a public service ad directed at people he had locked out of work and school during the early days of his pandemic scaremongering. That was the glorious footage of him telling them to “read a book” while he destroyed their lives.

In it, one easily could detect his arrogance and conceit.

And it is evident now, as he vetoes an attempt by Republicans in PA to stop his overall plan to centralize the home heating decisions of state residents and get them on a politically-controlled electric grid.

One wonders if he’s ever read any books that focus on freedom or American history. Because, if he has, he certainly hasn’t learned any of the key lessons in them.

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