Parents BLAST NJ School For Hosting a Secret Student Drag Show For Select Faculty During School Hours

Brittany M. Hughes | December 2, 2022
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A group of New Jersey parents understandably lost it on their local school board after finding out their kids’ high school had hosted a secret student-led drag performance for select invited faculty members during school hours.

Here’s the background: back in October, an English teacher named Heather Baldwin at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, New Jersey reportedly sent out an internal e-vite to certain faculty members inviting them to a special drag performance by students with the extracurricular “PULSE” - People Understanding Love Serves Everyone - Club during fifth period.


According to reports, the entire performance - during which students in drag reportedly performed alongside a professional drag queen named Phoebe Manntrappe - was kept hush-hush, with the school going so far as to post a teacher outside the door to the theater room so uninvited persons wouldn’t be able to enter.

Students were also reportedly given passes out of class to prep for the show, on top of the time they missed actually “performing” for staff.

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Needless to say, parents weren't given a heads up, and in fact didn’t find out about the incident until the email invited was leaked online, prompting them to show up in droves to a recent school board meeting to demand accountability.

“It looks like we’ve put a whole new meaning to the term ‘adult entertainment’ here, haven’t we Board of Ed?” one dad blasted.

“Adult entertainment used to mean adults going to strip clubs, watching other adults engaging in sexual behavior. Well now, thanks to this board, we see adult entertainment as a bunch of high school staff watching young children for their entertainment. Just the fact that you have to hide this garbage tells us how evil it is,” he went on.

Other parents questioned not only the appropriateness of the event itself (hint? It’s not - not even a little), but also the fact that actual instructional time - you know, what parents actually send their kids to school for - was lost so that children could crossdress and dance for the entertainment of tax-paid adult employees.

“Is this an academic institution, or an ideological institution?” another dad demanded.

One mom said that the event has also “created significant confusion, division, and resentment between students.’