Parents To Loudoun County School Board: ‘We’re Still Here’

Eric Scheiner | November 10, 2021
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“We're still here and we're here with a petition for the removal of Chairwoman (Brenda) Sheridan,” Ian Prior, a father and executive director at Fight for Schools, told the Loudoun County VA School Board Tuesday night.

Fight for Schools filed more than 2,000 signatures to remove the board chair. 

Prior said that this wasn’t just about the recent race for governor, but about the board not listening to the concerns of parents.

“This is a new petition drafted about two and a half weeks ago, and we completed this in 13 days - over twelve hundred signatures and this petition has on it, things like violating the First Amendment rights of speakers and listeners in this boardroom. Remaining in the private Facebook group, while people were plotting a disruption at Leesburg Elementary to keep Tanner Cross on administrative leave. And doing nothing and allowing a now convicted sexual offender to go to a different school where he then committed another alleged sexual assault. I said we'd see you in court as of 3:30 today. We are now in court. Thank you,” Prior told the board.

Education issues in Loudoun County were a major focus in the Virginia governor's race. Parents expressed outrage over the school board’s failure to disclose a sexual assault by a boy wearing a skirt in a girl’s bathroom, unhappiness with the transgender pronoun policy, and Critical Race Theory.

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