Passports and Facemasks: The Government Thinks They Give Us Our Rights – But They Don't

Brittany M. Hughes | April 6, 2021
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CNN’s medical expert says the government should restrict freedoms only to those who are vaccinated and penalize those who aren’t. The CDC says people who’ve gotten the jab can travel – but they still shouldn’t. The Biden administration is telling Americans to wear face masks and socially distance even if they’ve been fully immunized, while cramming thousands of untested illegal aliens into stadiums that have been closed to the public, and educating them with taxpayer-funded teachers whose public school classrooms are still empty. 

And we’re all supposed to go along with this like this still has anything at all to do with a virus. It doesn’t. It’s about power, freedom, and a government that thinks they give you your rights. And that they can take them away.

That, my friends. That is fascism. And we’re playing a dangerous game with it.