Pelosi Asks How to Explain to 'Kids In the Hood' Why Trump Gets Away With Crimes

Brittany M. Hughes | May 31, 2019
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is apparently very concerned about “kids in the hood.” 

As in, actual "kids in the hood.” Her words, not mine.

More specifically, the San Francisco Democrat is particularly worried about how to explain to those “kids in the hood” why they can’t get away with committing crimes while the president of the United States can get away with colluding with Russia to rig an election.

Yep. She’s still on that rotting soapbox.

On an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night, Pelosi invoked the urban youth population as a reason to hold Trump accountable for…well, all those alleged collusion crimes for which the Mueller investigation said there was no evidence.

"I probably have a better idea as to what the president has to be accountable for than anyone," Pelosi told Kimmel. "The only person who knows better than I why this president is not above the law, why this president must be held accountable- the only person who knows better than I do is the president of the United States. He knows. He knows what his violations have been."

"I don't even think he knows," Kimmel replied. "I think sometimes they do things and they go, 'Oh, that's not allowed?' and then they go back and try to figure out what it was and how they can keep it quiet."

"You know what really bugs me about that?" Pelosi said. "Because when you see what they said. ‘Oh, I didn’t know. I didn’t know it was wrong to talk to Russians about this. I didn’t know.’ I say, how to explain that to kids in the hood when they're approached by law enforcement and they say, 'Well, I didn't realize that I was supposed to do this or that.' They were supposed to know, but these very wealthy people which high-priced lawyers can get away with saying 'I didn't know.'"

“That’s why we need you to get in there and take care of this and do something to these guys,” Kimmel responded (to a round of applause from his audience, of course).

I’m just gonna leave this here.