Pelosi Guy: Seth McFarlane Is A Pelosi Megadonor

Michael Ippolito | July 29, 2022
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It’s not shocking to see Hollywood loonies shilling for their fellow lefties in power. But sometimes the extent of their support is a bit surprising. Take Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane (please). 

According to Breitbart, Seth McFarlane is one of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s biggest donors.

McFarlane has always been a left-wing champion, including on gun-control issues and anti-Christian propaganda. But FEC filings have revealed that the Ted movie creator has given $263,400 to Nancy Pelosi’s Victory Fund, which is a PAC that gives the first $5,800 to Pelosi’s campaign fund and then sends the rest to the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee

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This is not the only recent donation McFarlane has handed out. FEC records also show he has given $365,000 in May to Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund, $2,900 again to Nancy Pelosi’s re-election campaign in June, and $5,000 to the pro-LGBT Equality PAC. 

McFarlane also used his Twitter to shill for Democratic politicians. 

“Vote this fall. Knock the GOP on their asses at the polls, and you have a chance to stop this. Or keep them on their perch, keep enabling their greed, and live the dark of the gun lobby and all the killing it chooses to allow,” his tweet reads. “It’s your choice. It’s that simple.” It’s that simple? Who knew?

Seth should stick to making terrible animated shows with political takes like this.

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