Pelosi Politics: ‘Be Ready To Throw A Punch…For The Children’

Dan Montanaro | February 11, 2020
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On Sunday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made clear her views on what she believes to be appropriate behavior on the part of the Democratic Party.

According to Pelosi, things are not as nice as they may have been before, and Democrats, especially women, must be ready to “throw a punch…for the children”. 

Pelosi made the comments while at the National Governor’s Association Winter Meeting, “This is not for the faint of heart, all of you know’s more difficult now, especially for women, women are -as I say to them, you are in the arena….When you are in the arena, you have to be ready to take a punch and you have to be ready to throw a punch. For the children.”

There is an inherent contradiction within this speech of hers, near the end, as she’s listing what we all want for our children and the future, she mentions a safe environment, free of violence. Yet she says we should be ready to throw a punch for the children.

Ironic, isn’t it?

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