Pelosi's Punches: Jan. 6 Video Shows Speaker Saying She Wanted to 'Punch Out' Trump Twice, Other Conspiratorial Comments

Nick Kangadis | October 14, 2022
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is not what you’d typically classify as a “good person.” She’s just not. Pelosi, much like the vast majority of those in Washington, are disingenuous snake oil salesmen constantly spreading misinformation about helping Americans while sucking the country dry of any value it has left.

Apparently, Pelosi had cameras with her on January 6, 2021 — the day the establishment has classified as an “insurrection” — so that they could capture her “moment.” It’s not exactly clear what that meant, but it’s becoming more clear that Pelosi had a direct hand in the activities that occurred that day.

In a newly released “CNN Exclusive” video clip, Pelosi can be seen threatening physical violence against then-President Donald Trump not once, but twice in a matter of seconds.

And why? Seemingly because Trump was ruining “my moment,” as the Speaker put it.

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“I hope [Trump] comes. I’m gonna punch him out. This is my moment,” Pelosi said. “I’ve been waiting for this, for trespassing on the Capitol grounds. I’m gonna punch him out, and I’m gonna go to jail and I’m gonna be happy.”

Now, one could take what Pelosi said many different ways. However, since I’m the only one here, it seems as though she was saying that Trump better show up, because her “moment” has been her waiting on trespassers on the Capitol grounds. If Trump took the advice of Secret Service and didn’t show up on the Capitol grounds there wouldn’t be as many people present to trespass on the Capitol, and therefore would negate the severity with which the establishment Democrats and Republicans have painted January 6th as having.

Does this mean that Pelosi was counting on a trespassing-like event in order to later claim victimhood and that Trump supporters committed an insurrection? After all, it was alleged at one point that Pelosi told Capitol Police to stand down during the supposedly darkest day in U.S. history.

And does Pelosi’s call to physically assault a sitting president also negate establishment Democrats and Republicans narrative that MAGA Republicans are essentially violent terrorists?

Whether it’s instances like the one in the video clip above, or her previous caught-on-camera incidents — like her not wearing a mask during a private salon visit despite requiring and fining others for not wearing them — make Pelosi one of the biggest phonies in Washington?

Pelosi’s power grab game has been going on for decades. It’s just that now, the left capacity for intelligent planning has becoming so degraded that they literally film the quiet part and play it out loud for everyone to hear.


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