Pence Praises Vocal Parents In Loudoun County VA

Jessica Kramer | October 29, 2021
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Former Vice President Mike Pence visited Virginia Thursday where he praised Loudoun County parents for speaking out and slammed the Biden administration for viewing parents concerned about education as domestic terrorists.

“The eyes of the nation are on Loudoun County, Virginia,” said Pence. “Loudoun County has become the epicenter of a powerful movement that is spreading across this country. A movement of concerned parents and patriotic citizens demanding an end to curriculum that divides our nation and accountability for educational bureaucrats who put political correctness ahead of the interest of our kids."

Pence says that parents are a key in the success of education and should not be threatened by the government for their involvement.

“President Biden’s Department of Justice views some parents as domestic terrorist threats. Let me be clear on this point. The Federal government has no business investigating parents who speak out at school board meetings.”