People Are Now Cuddling With a Headless Robot Cat Butt. Seriously.

ola olugbemi | November 14, 2017
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Japanese company Yukai Engineering revealed their newest therapy product: a headless robotic pillow, with a tail, called “Qoobo.”

The release date is set for June 2018 and confirms humankind’s final descent into utter insanity.

Instead of investing our time and energy into developing bonds with dogs, cats, or--dare I say it-- human beings, it now appears that we would rather spend our time with all the worst parts of a robotic cat butt.

Technology and media news network The Verge released a video review of the product on their blog, Circuit Breaker, and the results were just as bizarre as you would imagine them to be. Here is an excerpt from their piece:

[Qoobo] is expected to last 8 hours with USB charging. It pales in comparison to a real cat, which lasts around 15 years without batteries.

The company hit its fundraising goal of about $44,000 in an impressive six days, but reviews for the product have been mixed.


The company has acknowledged Qoobo's creepiness, but stated that it somehow added to its appeal.

This Twitter user believes otherwise.

Watch Qoobo for yourself below: