People 'Just Want to be Mad' & 'Offended': ESPN Anchor Doesn't Think Much of Outrage Culture

Nick Kangadis | March 25, 2019

Every now and then, common sense and logic slip through leftists cracks and make a little too much sense to be believed. But, that’s exactly what happened over the weekend when ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt spoke up about outrage culture.

Van Pelt made his comments in response to the ridiculous fervor over Michigan State Spartans head basketball coach Tom Izzo yelling at one of his players, Aaron Henry, during the school first round NCAA tournament matchup with Bradley University. In response to the “incident,” multiple reporters and publications were too weak to understand that sometimes you get yelled at in sports when you screw up.

For example, Slate contributing writer Nick Greene sounds like he’s never played organized sports in his life.

“Izzo seems to believe in some sort of accountability double-jeopardy, wherein it’s ridiculous for reporters to hold a 64-year-old man accountable for screaming at a 19-year-old because, well, that’s just how he holds his players accountable,” Greene wrote.

Yeah, Izzo’s a coach. His entire job is to hold his players accountable for their actions. And last time I checked, a 19-year-old is legally an adult, no matter how many laws people try to change to raise that bar.

Van Pelt went old school in his response to the “soft,” weak people who couldn’t handle a coach yelling at his player.

“We’re so concerned with if anyone has had their feelings hurt that we lose sight of this fact,” Van Pelt said, “life has a scoreboard, the world will be difficult and we do nobody any favors when we coddle them to the point that they never hear criticism or hear a harsh word or have to face any adversity.”

Here’s the full clip of Van Pelt’s comments:


A-freakin-men! As someone who has been on a team or two in my day, I remember when I was 16-years-old and joined varsity baseball for the first time. My coach would yell at me almost daily. I asked my assistant coach why he felt the need to yell at me, and he told me that if he didn’t care about me he wouldn’t waste his time or breath.

Toughen up, people. The world will beat you down if you let it. It’s how handle adversity that’s part of what makes you who you are.

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