This Person's Pronouns Include 'Bug' and 'Dirt' - No, Really

Brittany M. Hughes | November 29, 2022
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We’ve had “hers” become “his.” And we’ve watched as “his” became the grammatically inaccurate “theirs.” But did you ever think “hers” would, “dirt’s”?

True story. According to this person, her - its? - pronouns include “bug” and “dirt.” Which aren’t actually pronouns according to any rule of English grammar, but are, in fact, nouns. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the otherwise gendered, who seemingly have yet to run out of bizarre words to describe themselves.

“For ‘bug,’ it would be, ‘Bug’s name is Magpie, this sweater belongs to bug, bug was going by bugself,” the clearly female TikToker explains, referring to the multiple "pronouns," which also includes the word "dirt," that she says are "interchangeable" to describe herself.

Got that? No? Neither did anyone else.

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I’m not sure how many otherwise random words are going to be crammed into the left’s never-ending list of supposed “pronouns” to describe those who feel themselves outside the “gender binary.” But, if we’re leaving the floor open to any and all suggestions, I’d like to offer an option: “mentally ill.”