PETA Asks for NFL to Change the Name of 'Horse Collar Tackle'

John Simmons | March 18, 2022
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You can always count on PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for a good laugh.

Their latest attempt to bring about justice for all animals is by attempting to get the NFL to alter the name of the “horse collar tackle,” because it apparently “makes light of using tight harnesses to exploit horses for labor.”

For context, a horse collar tackle is when a defensive player pulls down an offensive player by their back collar.

As if the logic for wanting the name change isn’t ridiculous enough, get a load of their suggestions for a name change.

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Instead of using “horse collar,” PETA has suggested - drum roll please - “the Goodell grab” (trying to expose NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell for the $128 million he made in compensation over the past two years), the “Roy Williams grab” (for the former Cowboys linebacker whose violent tackles created a need for the rule), and the back-collar tackle. All this in the name of making sure that people don’t hurt the horse's feelings.

But here’s the thing - the horses don't care! They are animals whom mankind has used as a beast of burden for years. Why all of a sudden do we feel a need to make sure their feelings aren’t hurt? 

Thank goodness for the weekend. We could all use a break from this stupidity.