Pete Buttigieg: 'The More Pain We Are All Experiencing' at the Pump, the More 'Benefit' For Electric Vehicles

Brittany M. Hughes | July 19, 2022
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Pete Buttigieg, the brilliant mastermind who brought us the gas tax and the notion that everyone who can’t afford gas should just buy a $60,000 electric car, is the latest in the Biden administration to brush off the crippling prices Americans are paying at the pump, saying that the more pain we all feel while fueling up our cars, the more “benefit” all those Prius owners will have.

When he isn’t taking months off to recover from his surrogate baby-mama's childbirth, Buttigieg is offering up nuggets of wisdom like this one, blurted Tuesday during a congressional hearing on high gas prices.

“The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles,” he said.

Yep. He really said it.

Perhaps he means electric vehicles like those in California, which drivers have actually traded in favor of gas-guzzling internal combustion engines because – shockingly – it turns out that having to pay thousands for special walls to boot up your battery-powered car, then waiting all night to charge the dumb thing because you can't find a charging station out and about town, all while dealing with rolling blackouts? Yeah. Not super appealing.

He’s probably referring to the electric vehicles that are charged via, you know, electricity – electricity that, contrary to leftist assumptions, doesn’t actually come from the magical energy fairy living inside your wall plug, but that's largely sourced from evil coal-fired power plants.

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And maybe Pee-Wee Herman here is suggesting we all go buy overpriced electric cars like the ones the U.K. police are using, only to discover that they run out of battery juice before they cops can actually make it to the scene of a crime.


But hey, the more pain we’re all feeling at the pump, the more Americans struggle to fill up their tanks to commute to work or to take their kids to school, the more working class people cough up $5 a gallon while trying to stay afloat on their bills, the better it is for Petey, his EV agenda, and this leftist administration that cares more about plants than people.

After all, they’ve got their tax-funded SUV motorcades and private jets.