Piers Morgan Tells Dem Rep. Katie Porter that Swimmer Riley Gaines Is Speaking Up for Every Female Athlete in the World

Craig Bannister | April 17, 2023
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Rep. Katie Porter and Piers Morgan debate biological males competing against female athletes. (Screenshot)

“It’s a startling state of affairs when two middle-aged men, me and Bill Maher, were standing up vociferously for women's rights” and a female Democrat Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) “was incapable of doing that,” Piers Morgan said Monday.

The “Piers Morgan Uncensored” host appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss his appearance Friday on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” in which he stumped Democrat Congresswoman Katie Porter, by simply asking her to explain why she disagrees with former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, who says biological males should not be allowed to compete against biological female athletes.


Rep. Porter was refuted by both Morgan and liberal Host Bill Maher, when she claimed that Gaines was speaking only for herself in an effort to gain “clicks” on Twitter.

The fact that two men were standing up for fairness and equality for women’s sports, while a female congresswoman wouldn’t – exposes just how fragile the woke transgender ideology is, Morgan told Fox & Friends:

“Here’s the deal with this: it was a simple question, because she was clearly angry about Riley Gaines. But, when I asked, ‘What is it you disagree with?’ she froze, she had no answer. 

“And, it was a startling moment, I think, particularly given that the Bill Maher show is a pretty liberal show, has a very liberal audience - who all began cheering me on, and not the female would-be senator. 

“And, it’s a startling state of affairs when two middle-aged men, me and Bill Maher, were standing up vociferously for women's rights to fairness and equality and a woman congresswoman, who wants to be a senator, was incapable of doing that.

“And that, to me, exposed the fragility at the heart of this woke position on this whole transgender debate.”

On Friday, Morgan used the example of biological-male Leah Thomas, who identified as a woman in order to use his physical advantage to dominate women’s NCAA swimming competitions:

“We see it with sports. Leah Thomas, 6'4", former biological male swimmer who competed unsuccessfully against men, then transitioned to be a woman, says ‘I'm a woman’ and destroys women, wins NCAA championships.”

Gaines is standing up for every female athlete, the world over, Morgan told Rep. Porter, when she claimed that Gaines was just out for herself and seeking popularity:

“That's not what she's doing. I’ve got no truck with Riley gains, personally, but all I've seen is her stand up for women's rights, fairness and equality. She actually competed against Leah Thomas and it was obviously unfair. Leah Thomas won one of the races in the NCAA championships by 50 seconds against a bunch of biological females, who simply couldn't keep up.

“That cannot be right, that cannot be fair.”


“I thinks she's speaking up, pretty much, for every female athlete in the world.”