‘The Planet is Boiling’: ABC’s ‘Station 19’ Says New Voters will Save the World

Dawn Slusher | May 17, 2023
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In case you may have forgotten that ABC’s "Station 19" loves to push liberal propaganda, they’re here to remind you once again with another leftist episode. This time, they’re worshipping “The Notorious RBG,” claiming “the planet is boiling” and that the newest generation of liberal voters will save the world because previous generations have “wrecked everything,” including “the whole country,” and the planet.

Last Thursday’s episode, “All These Things That I’ve Done,” opened with the Station 19 firehouse being transformed into a voter drop-off and information center. Two young adults enter crying out for help for injuries they sustained from an accident on their scooters while they were rushing to the station to vote.

The writers set this scene up to praise the newest generation of liberal voters as heroes who are going to save the planet from all the damage previous generations have done. All with a bit of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (“The Notorious RBG”) worship thrown in, just for fun:


Natasha: Don't worry. I've done this in the field many times. Just hold still.

Kelsey: I know we shouldn't have been going so fast. It's just -- we were so excited to vote. It's our first time. We raced here after our lecture.

JaviWe just wanted to leave tracks.

Carina: To leave tracks?

Kelsey: It's a quote. Uh, The Notorious RBG. Um, "Whatever you choose to do, leave tracks. You will want to leave the world a little better for your having lived."

NatashaWow. Thank God for you. I mean that. Thank God for your whole generation, 'cause we wrecked everything.

BenWe pretty well wrecked the whole country.

CarinaWe wrecked the planet.

NatashaNot completely. 'Cause of you. 'Cause of your generation. Racing to vote. They were literally racing to vote.

JaviHow is everyone not racing to vote? The planet is boiling.

KelseyYeah, like, do they want to keep having to run active shooter drills at school?

Natasha: I am so sorry. I'm sorry for that, too.

Javi: I'm never getting on a scooter again.

NatashaBut please, God, don't quit racing to vote, alright? Here's to making tracks.

Of course, when referring to the newest generation of voters they don’t include conservative characters. Javi (Christian Zamudio) and Kelsey (Taia Sophia) are - go figure - liberal. Just a little bit of not-so-subliminal messaging there.

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And forgive us if we don’t share the same excitement for the newest generation of liberal voters or the tracks they’ve been leaving.

These tracks including carefully curated lists of neo pronouns, complete with a “pronoun dressing room” to try your pronouns on for size along with thoughtful trigger warnings about stories containing scary things, such as “mentions of food," tracks pushing for genital mutilation on minor trans children, even without parental consent, tracks ignoring the very obvious mental health crisis in this country and somehow concluding that guns are the problem when there’s ample proof that gun-free zones are an open invitation to mass shooters while places with armed security are avoided. We could go on and on, but you get the idea.

The show doesn't give any focus to the newest generation of conservative voters who will vote on facts with common sense rather than fleeting, subjective emotions. Hollywood may shun them, but they can’t stop them from voting. 


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