Planned Cover-Up: Statutory Rape In Indiana

DannyG | December 3, 2008
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By K. Daniel Glover Teenage victims of statutory rape who find themselves pregnant in Indiana have a law-breaking friend in the federally funded abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Live Action Films today released an undercover video investigation that shows a nurse at Indiana Planned Parenthood advising a 13-year-old girl to lie about the 31-year-old "boyfriend" who got her pregnant. The nurse repeatedly tells the girl, "I don't want to know how old he is." But once the girl discloses the man's age, the nurse says: "OK, I didn't hear the age. I don't want to know the age. It could be reported as rape." She then advises the girl to lie about the father's age and shows her where to go in neighboring Illinois to get an abortion.
The 5-1/2-minute film is the latest expose by Live Action Films, which bills itself as "a new media movement for life." It is part of Live Action's "Mona Lisa Project," which group president Lila Rose said demonstrates "the routine lawlessness of abortion providers at Planned Parenthood." Previous videos exposed Planned Parenthood facilities in Idaho and Ohio taking money specifically to abort black babies. Rose said in a release that the new video "is only a sample from many hours of similarly disturbing footage." The footage isn't welcome at YouTube. This year, the Internet's largest video-sharing site has repeatedly banned undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood by both Live Action Films and Students for Life of America. Google CEO Eric Schmidt, whose company owns YouTube, dodged questions about the deletion of those videos when asked about them in September. All of the banned Live Action and SFLA videos, including SFLA's undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood failing to report a statutory rape in North Carolina, are available on Eyeblast, where conservative views aren't censored.
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