Planned Parenthood Suggests Latinos Are Too Stupid To Get Healthcare On Their Own

Brittany M. Hughes | August 10, 2017
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For all their indignant rage over the right’s supposed discrimination against minority groups, the left certainly seems to think minorities are just too freaking stupid to do anything by themselves.

Like get into college. Or feed their kids. Or determine for themselves when they're strong enough to parent a child.

Take the eugenics-based abortion giant Planned Parenthood, for example, who, on Thursday, tweeted this:

The #Trump administration's latest attack on #Latino folks? Trying to exclude them from signing up for health care.

— Planned Parenthood (@PPact) August 10, 2017

First of all, no he’s not. That’s just Planned Parenthood pandering to ignorant social media trolls who don’t know better than to trust the garbage they toss out.

What the tweet's linked article refers to is an unofficial partnership between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the White House, and a group called the Latino Affordable Care Act Coalition, whose entire mission is to educate Latinos on how to sign up for health care coverage through the Obamacare exchanges. It's certainly not the only pathway for Latinos -- or anyone else -- to get coverage. It's just an assistance program.

The coalition is completely voluntary and wasn’t started by the government – but, of course, the Obama administration was all too happy to cooperate with…LACAC?...if it helped further the former president's healthcare agenda.

But now, the group's complaining that they haven’t heard from the newly turned-over Trump White House, or Trump's HHS. (This is likely because Trump’s been trying to get rid of the failing Obamacare marketplace, not sign more people up on it.) Because of this, LACAC says they’ll be hindered in their efforts to get Latinos signed up for health care coverage for 2018 before the deadline.

But this public singling out of Latinos is incredibly problematic. Despite the fact that millions of Americans – including myself – have somehow managed to sign up for health insurance all by our lonesomes, the left apparently thinks Latinos are just too stupid to know how to buy health insurance without holding Daddy Government’s hand. By accusing Trump of “excluding” Latinos from getting covered simply by not supporting an assistance program, Planned Parenthood is outright stating that without the government's help, Latinos have no chance of obtaining health insurance on their own.

Which is just downright racist.

Then again, Planned Parenthood has never thought very highly of black folks, either, so we probably shouldn't be surprised.