PLOT TWIST: Liberal Media Urges Pelosi Not to Pursue House Speaker

Patrick Hauf | August 17, 2018
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It looks like the liberal media may finally be turning on Nancy Pelosi.

The Sacramento Bee editorial board published an editorial Wednesday titled, “Dear Nancy Pelosi: It’s not about you, it’s about your party and country. Forget being speaker,” in which they beg the House Minority Leader not to seek reelection for her speakership if Democrats regain control of the House.

Pelosi, they argue, is only hurting her party’s chances in the 2018 midterms.

“The Democratic Party cannot be seen as the party of Nancy Pelosi and win in November,” they write.

“It’s getting close to crunch time, and the San Francisco Democrat must put her party and her country ahead of her personal ambition and declare that she will not seek the speakership again,” they continue. “This is much bigger than her. To retake control of the House, Democrats need to gain at least 23 seats in November. That’s no easy task. And it’s even more difficult now that Pelosi’s future has become a distracting campaign issue for Democrats in key swing districts, where they need moderate and even Republican votes to win.”

The Bee notes that Pelosi has become an easy target for Republicans, who are putting her at the front of their campaign ads.

They even accused Pelosi of “playing the victim” in her recent feud with MSNBC over the growing number of Democrats who refuse to endorse her. When an MSNBC host noted that over 50 Democratic candidates do not support her reelection for speaker, she accused the network of being on a "jag" against her.

To the Bee, the fate of the Democratic Party is in Pelosi’s hands—and that fate is not promising.

“[I]f she truly believes what she says about how important it is for Democrats to retake the House so they can stop Trump, she must accept that it can’t be with her as speaker.”

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)