Podesta Email: 'We Are Going to Have to Dump All Those Emails'

ashley.rae | November 1, 2016
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In an email released by WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta told Clinton aide Cheryl Mills that they need “dump all those emails.”

The email conversation, dated March 2, begins with a discussion of “Shelly,” who the campaign is interested in having help out with “FEC compliance, policy, and proceeds.”

Podesta then adds to the email, on “another matter,” “we are going to have to dump all those emails”:

On another matter....and not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner than later

Mills responds by telling Podesta she thinks Podesta “just got your new nick name. :)”

From the conversation, it is unclear who “Lanny” refers to, and it also unclear if the emails are related to the Clinton email scandal.

“Lanny” could potentially refer to Lanny Davis, who served as special counsel to President Bill Clinton. Davis recently accused FBI director James Comey of acting illegally in regards to the Clinton email scandal.