Police Body Cam Footage Of Paul Pelosi Attack To Be Released

Eric Scheiner | January 26, 2023
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Police body camera footage from the attack against Paul Pelosi must be made public, a San Francisco judge has ruled.

On Wednesday, Judge Stephen Murphy sided with a group of media outlets who were seeking access to the footage of the alleged attack from October 2022.  

The charging documents against alleged attacker David DePape show that police officers witnessed the attack and that it was recorded on body cameras. 


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The media coalition sought other evidence being used against DePape, the alleged attacker. This includes, Paul Pelosi’s 911 call, US Capitol Police surveillance footage of Pelosi’s home, and DePape’s interview with a San Francisco Police Department investigator in which he discussed the attack.

The evidence was not released before the mid-term elections - but now it could be released before the end of Friday.

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