Police Group Calls Out CNN for Selective Editing During Charlotte Riots

Nick Kangadis | October 4, 2016
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The propaganda at CNN would be laughable - if it wasn’t constantly pushing a liberal agenda resulting in violence. CNN’s narrative-pushing is becoming commonplace with their slight-of-hand happening almost every time a serious story comes up.

Fox News reported:

Blue Lives Matter, an organization comprised of active or retired law enforcement officers, claims the cable news network edited video of the Sept. 20 fatal shooting of Keith Scott to cut out police ordering him to “drop the gun,” fueling claims Scott, a black man, was unarmed when he was shot by Officer Brentley Vinson. Although Vinson is black, the incident was the latest police shooting around the nation to spur violent protests and rioting.

CNN’s deceptiveness undoubtedly added to the already tense situation in Charlotte, N.C. during the September riots. Businesses were burned down, cops were under attack, journalists were assaulted, and all CNN cared about was there divisive message.

Blue Lives Matter released a statement:

The editing was clearly intended to give viewers the impression that Scott wasn't armed. By intentionally excluding information to promote the false narrative that the officer-involved shooting of Keith Scott was unjustified, CNN directly contributed towards inciting violence and destruction in the Charlotte riots. Innocent citizens were hurt during the Charlotte riots, but editing like this also incites violence against police officers long after the riots are over.

Therein lies a couple of questions. Did CNN not realize that selectively editing videos to fit their narrative would cause unrest among the public, or was that their motive from the beginning? And how does it benefit CNN to doctor videos that will almost certainly become public knowledge?

The funny part is that CNN is quick to point out what gun some nutjob used to kill multiple innocent people, but they refuse to believe a criminal might have a gun in a police situation - no matter what the facts.

Again, this is definitely not the first time CNN has been caught selectively editing videos to fit their agenda.

Kristine Marsh of NewsBusters reported this on August 15:

In a classic case of media bias by omission, CNN took extra care Monday to leave out a crucial part of their reports on the Milwaukee police shooting. After a black police officer fatally shot Sylville Smith Sunday, after he refused to put down his gun, riots and violence ensued in the city. Smith’s family was eager to talk to the media and his sister Sherelle had a message that should have been covered and condemned by the media. Instead, CNN decided to air her words but curtail them before they became controversial.

Basically, Sherelle Smith told the media and the surrounding crowd to stop burning down their city, and that they should, instead, take their vitriol to the suburbs. However, CNN chose to edit out Smith's call to ravage the suburbs so it would appear as if she was calling for peace.

CNN is no longer a reputable organization, and because of these repeated egregious instances of selective editing in order to push a narrative, their reporting should come with a fact-checker.

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