Poll: Only 46% of Women Identify as Feminist

Patrick Hauf | August 14, 2018
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According to many crazed liberal professors, actors, and members of the media; if you’re not a feminist, you’re sexist.

It’s time to throw that narrative out the window.

A new CBS poll found that not even half of women call themselves feminists.

When CBS asked 2,000+ women if they identify as feminist, only 46 percent of women age 18-35 said yes. The perception of feminism is even worse amongst the older crowd, with only 34 percent of women over 35 identifying with the label.  

The study also appears to confirm the partisanship of the term, with the younger demographic showing 63 percent of Democrat women identify as feminist, while only 29 percent of Republican women do the same.

American women aren’t buying identity politics either. When asked if more women in power would lead to better governing, only 46 percent said yes.

Regarding the #MeToo movement, only 45 percent of younger women said they prefer candidates who support the the movement, with an even smaller 29 percent of older women agreeing.

I guess modern day feminism isn’t as mainstream as liberals built it up to seem.