Portland Teacher Tapes 'Black Lives Matter' Display To Elementary School Fence As Message to 'White Children'

Brittany M. Hughes | June 17, 2020
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A school employee in Portland plastered the fence surrounding a public elementary school with cardboard signs displaying the names of black Americans who’ve been killed by the police, along with a sign reading, “Our white children will know their names.”

According to PJ media, the signs were placed on the fence by a Portland Public School teacher named Laura Spidell, who uploaded photos of the display to the Vestal School Community Facebook page. The photos show a sign that reads, “These names are just some of the black lives lost at the hands of police and white supremacists.”

The list includes names like Breonna Taylor and Botham Jean, along with others who were shot by police under less discernible circumstances.

The post on Facebook came accompanied by the following:

Names have power. We post these names to honor and reflect on the humanity behind the protests happening in our City and around the world. These are a small number of the Black lives lost to police brutality and white supremacy. These are mothers and fathers, sisters, and brothers, children. Saying these names keeps in our minds and our hearts that these are human lives we mourn. These are Black Lives we stand and march for. We hope you will take a moment to walk or drive by and reflect on these names, on these lives. Learn their stories. Remember them. Then take action in their memory, and for all Black Lives. Action can take many forms. Please take all the actions that are available to you. March and attend rallies. Donate to anti-racist organizations and shop at Black owned businesses. Use your voice to write letters and make calls for systemic change. Read, listen, and learn from Black voices. Be an upstander when you see racism in action. Spread love and kindness. Be well. #BlackLivesMatter