Praise God! Baby Lives After Being Thrown Out then Carried Miles by Stray Dog

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | July 21, 2023
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In a bittersweet turn of events, a baby gets a second chance.

On Wednesday, a stray dog in Tripoli, Lebanon was spotted carrying an abandoned baby girl who’d been ditched inside of a garbage bag outside of a municipal building, according to reports from the National News.

God really wanted that baby to live.

Supposedly, a passerby heard cries from the black trash bag that was being carried around in the mouth of the stray dog. The passerby sprung into action and the child was rushed to the Islamic Hospital first and then later transferred to the Tripoli Government Hospital. 

The child appeared to be about four months old, though some reports believe she was born more recently, even hours before disposal. Images circling on social media indicate severe bruising all over her face and body. By God’s grace, the baby’s condition was described as “serious but stable,” NY Post reported. 

Numerous users on social media commented on the situation. 

“Some say that the dog is an unclean animal, and of course this is not true," one user stated after the tweet was translated from Arabic. "The dog has humanity, kindness, cunning, and intelligence much more than some satanic mutants in human forms."

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I couldn’t agree more! The dog legitimately saved the baby’s life! Without the stray it’s likely the child would have suffocated or died by other means in the trash bin. 

“Animals have more compassion than humans,” another user tweeted.

Others explained how they’d be willing to adopt the child who’d been abandoned.

Ghassan Rifi, a Tripoli journalist was confused as to why someone would do such a thing! 

“It was not known whether the ‘wild lady’ who threw the child and fled to an unknown destination had intended to throw her in the area so that the dogs would finish her off and eat her corpse or to draw attention to her,” he wrote online. “But in all cases, the dog that dragged her was more humane in the face of the brutality and criminality of the one who threw her.”

While this unfortunate event happened in Lebanon, it doesn’t seem that far off to say that it could happen in the states, too. With the pro-abort culture that our nation adopts, babies are treated as parasites that can and should be tossed, disposed of and killed. People are told to kill their kids on a whim and for the sake of convenience. Babies lives aren’t valuable to leftist pro-aborts, and if we don’t start changing that narrative, this situation in Lebanon could start happening in the states as well, that is, if it isn’t already.


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