Precinct Secretary Gets Hung Up On by Iowa Dem Party Live on CNN While Trying to Report Caucus Results

Nick Kangadis | February 4, 2020
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As of this writing, it's almost 11 in the morning on the east coast, and we still don't have results for the Democrat portion or the Iowa caucuses. Precinct secretaries have been on the phone attempting to get results, but as seen on CNN Monday night, some aren't having very much success.

Story County, Iowa precinct secretary Shawn Sebastian joined CNN's Wolf Blitzer late Monday evening with the hope that Sebastian would have some results to report to Blitzer and the rest of the country - it's CNN, so the rest of the country for them really means airports and hotel lounges.

Anyway, Blitzer asked Sebastian about the delays in reporting results for Democrats in Iowa, and he responded by telling the CNN host that he had been on hold with the Iowa Democratic Party for "over an hour" waiting on any information.

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Well, as if it were on cue, you could hear what sounded like a woman answer Sebastian's phone call. While Sebastian was trying to explain to Blitzer that he needed to get off the phone so he could talk with the representative about possibly getting the results, the person on the other end hung up on Sebastian.

The way Sebastian sounded after realizing he had been disconnected was half disheartening, half disbelief.

"They hung up on me," Sebastian said, almost cursing live on air while laughing. "They hung up on me. Okay, I've gotta get back in line on hold. They just hung up."

You can check out the exchange below:


While this hilarious, I think we can all relate to being on hold for a ridiculous amount of time, only to be disconnected for some reason.

Who knows? Maybe it was Blitzer and CNN's fault. They did pressure the guy to conduct the phone call on air. If I were that guy, I would've put the phone with CNN down and done my only job.