President Trump Trolls de Blasio Four Times in One Tweet Following Candidate's Exit From Democratic Primary

Nick Kangadis | September 20, 2019
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio — or Warren Wilhelm or Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm, depending on which name he’s going by this year — dropped out of the 2020 race for the Democratic nomination for president Friday morning.

“I feel like I’ve contributed all I can to this primary election, and it’s clearly not my time,” di Blasio said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday morning. “So, I’m going to end my presidential campaign, continue my work as Mayor of New York City, and I’m going to keep speaking up for working people.”

Not one to waste an opportunity, President Donald Trump took to Twitter following di Blasio’s announcement to do one of the things he does better than most on Twitter — troll others who have been critical of him.

Take a look:

I gotta admit, that was pretty funny. If for no other reason, Trump trolled de Blasio four times using four different points in a singular tweet.

Let’s break it down for those keeping score at home:

  1. Trump trolled the fact that de Blasio dropping out is “big political news.”
  2. Trump called de Blasio the “Part time Mayor of New York City.”
  3. Trump pointed out that de Blasio was “polling a a solid ZERO…”
  4. Trump said that the city de Blasio is mayor of, New York City, “is devastated” because “he’s coming home.”

Maybe de Blasio, or Wilhelm or whatever, will actually begin doing his job again. You know, the one he was actually elected to do.

For de Blasio's announcement, watch below: