Princeton Biology Course Affirms Only Women Can Get Pregnant

Ken Meekins | July 10, 2023
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Who would have thought that a gender studies course at Princeton University would affirm the true biological reality that men cannot get pregnant? 

The course entitled, “Behavioral Biology of Women,” affirms in its description that “women are the only sex to give birth to date,” according to The College Fix. 

“In almost every human society, women are expected to perform different tasks than men. Was there a biological or cultural reason for this? True – women are the only sex to give birth to date, but does that mean there is no escape from traditional sex roles?” the class description asks in its description. 

In addition, the course also discusses the biological differences between males and females, with the description continuing, “In this class we will explore female behavioral biology from an evolutionary and biocultural perspective. We will pair physiology and life-history theory with cultural outcomes to engage with feminism and social and political debates. Topics include menstrual taboos, sexual differentiation and gender identity, reproduction, contraception, women’s health, workplace equality, etc.” 

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Students in the course will also examine the bone differences between men and women in a lab setting included in the course, “biological anthropology lab [which] will include examining fossil hominin and extant human crania and pelvic casts, and non-human primate pelvic casts.”

In a society that's now hotly debating whether or not men can get pregnant, it's good to see that at least one college course wants to study this issue honestly - and seems to have determined that the answer is, "No."

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