Protests to #FreeTommyRobinson Are Happening All Over the World

Nick Kangadis | June 4, 2018
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Another weekend, another round of protests for free speech activist and independent journalist Tommy Robinson. And this time, the protests weren’t confined only to Britain.

Protesters in England, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Austria and the U.S. continued the #FreeTommy fight. People truly believe that Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was wrongfully imprisoned for attempting to bring the atrocity of Islamic “grooming gangs” to light.

Robinson had already been on a suspended sentence — stemming from a 2017 arrest — for reporting on another grooming gang trial on court property. Robinson was charged with contempt of court, because the judge felt his reporting could’ve prejudiced the jury in the case.

The incident Robinson was arrested for on May 25 was similar in nature, but Robinson knew of the restrictions and reported information that was already readily available. Robinson reported outside the Leeds Crown Court — but stayed off of court property.

Robinson’s arrest for “breach of the peace” drew outrage from people around the world who felt like his arrest was politically motivated. Essentially, people think that Robinson was shut up by the British government for attempting to report on sex abusers and rapists who happened to be of the Islamic persuasion.

A week after Robinson’s arrest, people joined together to voice their displeasure with the politically motivated silencing of a journalist.

Here are some examples:

Vienna, Austria


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Copenhagen, Denmark


Leeds, England


Manchester, England


Nuremberg, Germany


New York City, U.S.


Washington D.C., U.S.


It seems many protesters genuinely feel as though Robinson's 13-month prison term is the equivalent of a death sentence, as the fastest growing portion of the prison population in the U.K. are Muslims. Some prisons in the U.K. have even become recruiting centers for Jihadi extremists. Robinson’s continued work of exposing Islamic gangs puts him in danger.

These protests show that people all over the world — not only want to prevent Robinson’s possible demise from happening — but they’ve had enough of free speech sometimes coming with a prison sentence.