Rainbow 6 Director: "Haunting" How Similar Occupiers Are to Our Terrorists

Stephen Gutowski | December 21, 2011
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As I wrote about yesterday Tom Clancy's first person shooter series Rainbow 6 is releasing a much anticipated new game. However, this particular sequel features not just heart pounding action, and complex strategy, but also terrorists that bear a striking resemblance to occupiers.

Of course this sent some liberals into a tizzy.

But should liberals really freak out about this? Sure, the terrorists seem to embody most everything the occupiers stand for... but was that done on purpose? Did the developers look at the occupy movement and draw inspiration for their bad guys from it? Well a site called GotGame asked David Sears, the creative director for the game, that question. Here is what he said:

Basically, as David Sears puts it (and you can see the full interview here), the game has been in development for about two years now. That includes the story line. So, no, "The Patriots" aren't directly based off the occupiers.

Mr. Sears reveals something else, though, that is perhaps a bit more interesting than the origins of the game's storyline. He says his team of developers is constantly sending him occupy related stories that are "just like the game" which is "haunting" in his opinion.

In other words the team behind Rainbow 6 set out to create a new fictional domestic terrorist group that would feel realistic for their game years before the occupy movement sprung up. But, in what came as a surprise to them, the villains they created materialized, to a certain extent, in a real life far left movement. A case of life imitating art-in-development... or something.

Then again, as I've pointed out before, the occupiers aren't really anything new. They're just the latest rehash of the far left protest movement which has been around for decades repeating the same old ideas which have been around for nearly a century. Create a piece of entertainment where the bad guys are motivated by progressive talking points and eventually some real life analog will spring up that looks "hauntingly" similar to it.