Rand Paul Filibusters Patriot Act: Liberty or Security… ‘Can You Not Have Both?’

Monica Sanchez | May 20, 2015
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Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) stood before Congress on Wednesday to filibuster the Patriot Act.

Paul argued that the American people should not be forced to choose between their liberty and their security just because they fear the possibility of another terror attack.

“In the aftermath of 9/11, the Patriot Act was rushed to the floor. Several 100 pages, nobody read it…” Paul said.

“But people voted because they were fearful and people said there could be another attack.”

“We’re now at a stage where we should say, are we willing to give up our liberty for security?” he argued.

“Can you not have both?” the presidential candidate asked.

“Can you not have the Constitution and your security?" Dr. Rand Paul pressed.

"I think you can."

To listen to his remarks on the Senate floor, watch the video clip below.

On Wednesday morning via his YouTube channel, Paul announced that he would be filibustering the Patriot Act for being “the most unpatriotic of acts.”

“It’s unconstitutional,” he argued. “It contravenes the Fourth Amendment, which says you have the right to privacy.”

“The Patriot Act does not individualize warrants,” Paul continued. “It allows for general warrants. It allows for a lower standard that can be used in our courts.”

Check out his announcement here: