Rep. Comer: ‘Eventually, the Mainstream Media Will Turn on Joe Biden’ and Start Asking about Millions in Foreign Money

Craig Bannister | June 15, 2023
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Despite a total blackout of the news about the millions of dollars allegedly paid to Pres. Joe Biden’s family by foreign nationals, the mainstream media will eventually start looking into the matter, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) said Thursday.

In a Fox Business interview, Comer discussed a NewsBusters analysis released Tuesday, which found that ABC, NBC, and CBS gave zero seconds of coverage for four days after it was reported that Pres. Biden had allegedly received five million dollars from an executive of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

The mainstream media are fully aware of the news, but they’re simply refusing to cover it, Rep. Comer told “Mornings with Maria” Host Maria Bartiromo:

“They know there’s something wrong here. They know all the allegations have merit, because of where Joe Biden was, because of what we’ve seen on tape before, where Joe Biden bragged about firing that prosecutor.

“They know that this family created these shell companies. They know this family was money-laundering, they were profiting off Joe Biden’s influence.

“The media knows that – they’re just not covering it.”



Then, there are liberal cable networks like MSNBC, which use their platforms to attack and smear him and other members of the Oversight Committee “because we have the audacity to investigate,” Chairman Comer said.

“So, we’re having to go against a hostile media, a media that’s turned a blind eye,” Comer said.

Nonetheless, Comer said that he’s convinced that liberal media will, eventually, be faced with so much evidence that they’ll have to start covering the Burisma payments:

“But, I think, the more information we provide – and I’m being very transparent with the American people – when we find new bank records, when we find another shell company, when we find more evidence of wrongdoing, we immediately offer it to the mainstream media.

“Eventually, they’re going to cover this, Maria. I have no doubt, because the evidence is overwhelming.”

In the end, “the mainstream media will turn on Joe Biden and start asking the real questions” about the millions in alleged payments, Comer predicted:

“I can assure you: there is more money that we’re going to be able to identify, that was transferred between foreign nationals in other countries and the Biden family. This is going to be hard for Joe Biden to explain. And, it’s not going to go away. This going to be an issue.

“And I think, eventually, the mainstream media will turn on Joe Biden and start asking the real questions: ‘What did your family do to receive all this money?’”

When all is said and done, the Oversight Committee will uncover tens of millions in payments to the Biden family, Comer estimated:

“We have more bank records coming in, but we’re going to exceed ten million this week. And, I think, we’ll get up between twenty and thirty million dollars.”