Rep. Cori Bush Calls Her Abortion ‘Dark Period’ in Her Life, But Demands ‘Right to Abortion’

Gabriel Hays | October 1, 2021
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Unofficial member of “The Squad,” Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) is trying to gin up support for abortion of course. And the best way she thinks will convince Americans to resist recent pro-life laws is by telling them that her own abortion was a necessary thing. Sure she claimed it took her to the “darkest period of my life,” but somehow it was the best thing for her and that all women need that option.

Yeah, it really is the ultimate disconnect.

In an interview with leftist rag Vanity Fair, the young congresswoman admitted that the abortion she had in high school “was the beginning of a very, very dark period … the darkest period of my life.”

The conception of Bush's child happened through abuse, as she claims, when a sleazy guy she was attracted to took advantage of her one night.

“I just remember I was laying there and I just didn’t know what was happening," Bush said. "I couldn’t make it make sense.” 

Jump to Bush realizing she was having a baby. The congresswoman admitted that initially, even though it would have nixed her big dreams of going to Harvard and becoming a politician, she decided to keep the child and got herself a full-time job so she could get ready to support her baby.

So far so good. Bush knew her child’s life was the highest priority - for the moment.

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Once she received word that the father of her child wasn’t going to help with child support, she decided to consider an abortion. 

“So then I realized, Okay, I’m on my own with this thing,” Bush told the outlet.

Vanity Fair added, “She found the phone number for a local clinic in the yellow pages and booked an appointment for an abortion and was told it would cost $328.”

And just like that her child’s life was in jeopardy.

It’s clear Bush was scared and alone. She even admitted the abortion clinicians treated her poorly. One spoke to her in a way that was “belittling and degrading.” Even more tragic, Bush admitted she had hoped that the abortion clinician would give her options, one of which would have been to tell her that it wasn’t absolutely necessary to kill her child.

The way she described it, the abortionist pressured Bush into it. 

“I felt like I wasn’t given an opportunity to make a decision,” she claimed. So Bush killed her child, an act which made her numb for “quite a while.”

The story is so sad. And what’s even worse is that even though Bush can recount every single painful moment that led up to and occurred after her abortion, she’s parroting the Democratic machine’s lies that this is necessary for women.

At the end of her interview with Vanity Fair, Bush, who claimed that she’s a “totally different person” now, stated that activists need to make “sure that all people who want to have an abortion have the access to those services, equitably, and then also fix the mistreatment.”

Uh, okay?

Bush also described how black women have a “need” for a “right to have an abortion.”

So it seems that no matter the tragedy she endured, Bush thinks the right to kill a child is worth it? Weird, man. It’s like she’s brainwashed or will parrot any bulls**t to keep her gig as a true leftist.