Rep. Crenshaw Challenges Hank Johnson To Stop Insulting Voters

Eric Scheiner | January 7, 2019
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Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) issued a challenge to politicians with a social media video released over the weekend, urging them not to insult voters who support a candidate, like Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga), but to focus on the politicians and candidates themselves.

“Pick on somebody your own size. Pick on me if you like. My office will be right down the hall from yours," Crenshaw says in the video posted to his Twitter account.

Crenshaw focused on the recent comments by Johnson, who compared Trump to Hitler and described Trump supporters as less educated people dying of alcoholism and drug overdoses.


"President Trump is a lot of things, but he's not Hitler. He didn't kill millions of people. He didn't start a world war. He doesn't have any concentration camps," Crenshaw said. "And to accuse him of being Hitler is intellectually dishonest, and frankly, a huge insult to the millions of Jews who died under Nazi Germany."

"If you want to insult President Trump, at least you're picking on someone your own size, at least you're picking on somebody who can fight back. But you went on to insult, degrade, and demean tens of millions of Americans who voted for him.”

“These people are exercising their voice the only way they can, which is through their vote, “ Crenshaw continued. “They don’t have a TV show, they don’t have a radio show. They don’t have a weekly column or a big social media following. They have a vote. And you use your public platform to insult and demean them. This is not the behavior we expect from a member of Congress.”

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