Rep. Gaetz Fires At John Dean On Mueller Report: How Much 'Do You Make From CNN?'

Eric Scheiner | June 11, 2019
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The "Collusion Delusion" dog and pony show continues in Washington, with John Dean, the former White House counsel to Richard Nixon, called to testify before a House Judiciary Committee hearing titled, “Lessons From The Mueller Report.”

Even though Dean himself claimed we was not there as a “fact witness” to anything in the Mueller report, Dean told lawmakers Monday that there were “remarkable parallels” between Watergate and the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Republicans panned the hearing as a political “show.” With Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) questioning Dean on the money he has made criticizing GOP presidents.

“Mr. Dean how many American Presidents have you accused of being Richard Nixon?” Gaetz asked.

“I actually wrote a book about Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney called ‘Worse Than Watergate,’” Dean replied.

The room broke into laughter.

Gaetz then asked about how much money Dean made from his book and followed up by asking; “How much money do you make from CNN?”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) interrupted the questioning.

“Mr. Dean has made a cottage industry out of accusing presidents of acting like Richard Nixon, I would like to know how much money he makes based on making these accusations and exploiting them for his own economic benefit and your saying it’s not allowed?” Gaetz asked.