Rep. Gaetz Slams CNN After Network Shames Republicans for 'Refusing' to Appear On Air to Talk Gun Control

John Romero | August 7, 2019
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CNN ran a segment while "interviewing" Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) where the network displayed a graphic with names of 49 Republican lawmakers who they claim refused to appear on air with them to discuss gun reform. 

While his name was not on the list, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) pointed out on Twitter that he was asked to appear on CNN and the network cancelled on him. 

Gaetz on his Twitter account wrote that he was asked to appear on CNN's "AC360" and "Outfront" to discuss the topic, but both shows cancelled his appearances. 

"I'm ready for the discussion whenever [CNN[ is," he wrote. 

The CNN Communications Twitter account fired back, claiming Rep. Gaetz was "wrong" and that the network never agreed to an interview with the congressman to begin with.

Rep. Gaetz then posted screenshots of communications between him and CNN associates, showing that they clearly had invited him on and that he had accepted. 


Even if CNN had cancelled the interviews before the tragedies of this weekend occurred, their communications staff saying they never tried to schedule the congressman appears to be false.