Rep. Jackson-Lee Downplays Giving Up 'Merchant of Death': 'He Has Not Killed Americans,' His Weapons Did

Nick Kangadis | December 13, 2022
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The majority of the members of OUR Congress serve no one but themselves and their narrative-driven agendas. Case in point is the fossil known Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas).

Jackson-Lee joined MSNBC’s resident racist Joy Reid recently to talk about the criticism being leveled toward the prisoner trade involving WNBA player Brittney Griner and “the Merchant of Death” Viktor Bout.

The whole clip you’re about to see painstakingly proves that you don’t need intelligence to serve in Congress, you just need to know how to repeat whatever the masters that line their pockets want them to say.

Jackson-Lee clearly shows that she has no idea who or what she’s talking about:

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For those that can’t believe what they just heard, here’s a transcription of what she just said:

No one knows the story of Paul — the, uh, weapons dealer, if you will. Um, and as the facts would tell them. He was susentenced [sic] to 25 years. He saved, served 11 to 16 years. I don’t know, can’t remember the exact number. But in actuality, um, his weapons might have been used to kill Americans. He has not killed Americans.

First of all, she began her stupidity by referring to Bout as Paul. Who is Paul? Paul in this story is Paul Whelan, the Marine that President Joe Biden’s regime decided to leave in Russia instead choosing to bring home Griner because she has the right personal identifiers.

According to Fox News, Jackson-Lee’s expanded comments included her justification for what she had just said.

“I’m not saying he’s not a nasty, bad guy,” Jackson-Lee continued. “But I will tell you that I believe that Americans should know that the sovereignty of their nation will always be behind them, and they will never be forgotten. Brittney Griner deserved this fight that we put forth, so does Paul Whelan.”

Tell that to the Americans everyone seems to have forgotten that the Biden regime left in Afghanistan.

And these people have no problem blaming inanimate objects for the deaths of Americans, while they didn’t say word one when Americans were killed by American weaponry in the Obama administration, of which Biden was a part of.


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