Rep. Jordan Accuser Sends Widow Picture of Her Husband's Murderer in Spite

Nick Kangadis | July 12, 2018
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A sad story just gets sadder. It’s a story that shows how our society has devolved into a petty, harsh, and downright mean one.

Conservative Review reports that former Ohio State University (OSU) wrestler Mike DiSabato — who is one of the people that have accused Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) of ignoring sexual abuse during his tenure as an assistant coach for the OSU wrestling team — sent one of the congressman's brother's business partners a picture of her late husband’s murderer by email over a business disagreement. 

The murder — which happened in 1996 — was the very high profile murder of Olympic wrestler David Schultz by wealthy eccentric John du Pont at the infamous Foxcatcher Farm estate. The tragic event was so high profile that it even had a movie and multiple documentaries made about it.

DiSabato sent the email to widow Nancy Schultz and called the sports apparel company she helped start with Jeff Jordan “a bastard brand funded by the blood money of a serial sex offender."

According to Conservative Review:

The du Pont email, sent at 11:20 p.m. on April 5 to Schultz, Jeff Jordan, and others at the company, began by referring to the OSU sex abuse investigation, which had recently been announced. Later in the message, however, DiSabato refers to Schultz as 'Aunt Nancy' and calls the company 'a bastard brand funded by the blood money of a serial sex offender.' Attached to the email were a picture of John du Pont, a picture of former Ohio State team doctor Richard Strauss, who has been accused of sexual abuse, and a picture of former international wrestling federation president Raphael Martinetti.

Rep. Jordan’s brother and distinguished high school wrestling coach Jeff Jordan told CRTV that it seems as though DiSabato’s actions were merely a case of sour grapes over their company no longer needing DiSabato’s business after starting their own sports apparel company, Rudis.

Jordan had previously contracted to buy sports equipment from one of DiSabato’s many sporting business ventures for training camps he ran for middle- and high-schoolers. After starting Rudis, Jordan no longer needed the equipment. 

“Mike has attempted to destroy the lives of anyone associated with my family and Rudis,” Jeff told CRTV. “With my family, Rudis personnel, and Ohio State personnel being his original targets, he has now set his sights on my brother Jim.”

Rep. Jim Jordan has denied all allegations against him, and has even received support from House Speaker Paul Ryan and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), among other GOP members.

"I'm getting all kinds of support because it's the truth," Jordan said Wednesday, according to NPR. "Six coaches and all kinds of wrestlers have said the same thing I have. You know why they said that? Because it's the truth."

Until all of the facts come out it's difficult to speculate on the situation, but DiSabato's actions speak volumes on their own.

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