Rep. Suggests: No Wall, Instead ‘Another Statue of Liberty’ Near Mexico

Eric Scheiner | July 19, 2017
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The House Appropriations Committee heard a request to build a new Statue of Liberty at the Southern border, instead of a border wall.

No kidding.

The idea of a Lady Liberty to be placed near Mexico was put forth by Rep. Jose Serrano (D- N.Y.) during a Homeland Security spending bill markup Tuesday.

Serrano told the committee the country should “never, ever, ever build a wall”

"On the contrary, build another Statue of Liberty on the Southern border," Serrano said. "That's our message to the world, that statue, not the wall."

“Again, the wall would cost billions of dollars, it would waste of money, it’ll divide us, it will divide our country – our rhetoric, our comments, and that’s what we’ll become.”

Serrano continued, “Think about what it means for our country. We, instead of saying, ‘yes we know you want to come here because we’re the greatest country on Earth, let’s talk about how you get here.’ Instead we build a wall and say ‘stay out we don’t want you’ - that’s not who we are that’s not who we should become.”

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