Riley Gaines Confronts Senator Who Accused Her Of Wanting 'Clicks and Likes'

John Simmons | May 19, 2023
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Riley Gaines’ fight against the transgenders-in-sports movement has been well-documented, and predictably, plenty of people have criticized her for speaking out.

One such individual is Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), who on an episode of “Real Time With Bill Maher,” said that Gaines, a female swimmer who was forced to compete against (and lost to) a biological male in the pool, only speaks out against the trans agenda for cheap attention.

Soon after, Gaines responded on Twitter by saying that she's speaking up for women like herself who were, and still are, paying the price for society allowing men to compete against women.

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But she didn’t let Porter off the hook by just typing a quick post and letting it rest. After the interview, Gaines saw Porter on a visit to Capitol Hill on Thursday and confronted the senator about her remarks.

“We made eye contact which she very quickly acted like she was on the phone because she didn’t want to address me,” Gaines said. “But I went up to her and I introduced myself and I said, ‘Hello, Rep. Porter. My name is Riley Gaines.’ And she looked at me and said, ‘Congrats on being a competitor.’ That’s what she said.”

Low-class is as low-class does. But it gets worse for Porter after that.

“And I said, ‘I want to address something with you.’ She turned around and bolted,” Gaines continued. “Wouldn’t even let me get a word out. The disrespect. The audacity to simply turn around and not even acknowledge or take accountability for what she said.”

Most people who support the transgender agenda likely have a hard time owning their comments because their position doesn’t hold water at all, which explains why they turn and run if asked to explain their views.

Gaines said Porter's reaction is indicative of what she has seen throughout the country whenever she addresses those who support the transgender movement.

"She did not respond and she continued walking away, which I think shows perfectly the cowardice of these people – to not even stand behind what you said about me. To say it to my face. That’s what I’m seeing across the board, state to state,” Gaines said.

Unfortunately, that’s likely how many will respond to Gaines using her voice courageously. But more importantly, the swim champ has shown she has the strength to stand up for herself when faced with pushback, which will be key as she continues her fight.

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