RIP: VA Dems Terminate Proposed 15-Week Abortion Ban

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | January 27, 2023
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Virginia has been playing on a see-saw with its back-and-forth abortion bans and rules. 

In Virginia’s latest update, state Democrats blocked Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s 15-week abortion ban - the ban that would stop babies from being killed by their mother at the point that they can feel the pain of their death.

Youngkin pushed his 15-week ban hard over the summer, trying to stop the slaughter of the unborn at the point in a pregnancy when a child could feel the act of being poisoned and dismembered. Seems reasonable.

While this stance is helpful, it is still not 100% pro-life, as living children from conception through 14 weeks and six days gestation could still be aborted. But even with that loose restriction, Virginia Democrats have been working overtime to keep abortion virtually unrestricted in the commonwealth. 

On Thursday, Jan. 26, state Democrats blocked Youngkin’s proposal. Delegate Rodney T. Willet of Virginia’s 73rd District said the following at the Senate Committee on Education and Health meeting: 

“A ban is a ban,” he urged, insisting that if we put any bans on abortion, we are taking away the “right to reproductive freedom.” Is anyone going to tell him that by the time a woman is contemplating an abortion, the "reproduction" has already happened? That's why she's considering termination: she’s already reproduced. 

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Willett also complained that any bill that prohibits someone from getting an abortion (the word he swapped for the phrase “seeking medical care”) is a “denial of a fundamental right.” 

Um, no sir. Prohibiting a woman from getting an abortion is simply prohibiting her from killing an innocent child. Nobody has the “right” to do that.

Luckily, though Dems of the commonwealth have made it evident that they’re committed to more baby murders, Youngkin has now tripled-down on his stance. He told DC News Now that he’s “frustrated” with the block and insisted that “over 80 percent of Virginians have have expressed a view that Republicans and Democrats should find consensus on this issue,and consensus on this issue is when a child can feel pain at 15 weeks and to protect life then.”

In a comment to LifeNews, Youngkin’s spokeswoman Macaulay Porter pointed out that the VA Dems have “solidified their extreme position” on abortion. 

It’s been a toss and turn of events in Virginia, but even if Youngkin eventually passes a 15-week ban, it isn’t enough. Life deserves protection at the moment of conception, and until abortion is outlawed completely, more and more babies are going to be slain. 

Time will tell what happens in the Old Dominion.

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