Ron DeSantis Forces NHL To Drop 'Discriminatory' Job Fair Requirements

John Simmons | January 16, 2023
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In October, the NHL discovered to its horror that most of its employees and players are white. This was seen as a “problem” in need of fixing, since the NHL is now strongly embracing the progressive agenda.

As such, the NHL advertised a week ago that it would be hosting a job fair nicknamed the “Pathway to Hockey Summit” on February 2 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The event would take place just two days before the All Star Game in nearby Sunrise, FL, home of the Florida Panthers.

However, it wasn’t advertised as your typical job fair. The requirements for the event on a now-deleted LinkedIn post read:

Participants must be 18 years of age or older, based in the U.S., and identify as female, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and/or a person with a disability. Veterans are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

Notice who was left out … white people. What do we call it when one group of people is excluded from something based on their skin color? If you said "racism," you're correct!

Now if black people were for some reason excluded from this list, people would be outraged beyond belief. But no one batted an eye when the league released this, because Americans writ large believe it is acceptable -- even good -- to use the same oppression tactics they believed whites used against certain demographics in the past to get their way in the name of justice in the present. Basically, its payback for events that happened multiple generations before us. 

In many other states, the NHL would have gotten away with it. But they chose the one state where the diversity, equity, and inclusion agenda embraced by progressives goes to die.

As soon as Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office got wind of the event, they swiftly sent the NHL to the penalty box for trying to host a “discriminatory” event within the state.

“Discrimination of any sort is not welcome in the state of Florida, and we do not abide by the woke notion that discrimination should be overlooked if applied in a politically popular manner or against a politically unpopular demographic,” DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin said in a scathing response to the event. “We are fighting all discrimination in our schools and our workplaces, and we will fight it in publicly accessible places of meeting or activity.”

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The NHL has since dropped its diversity requirements and made the event open to anyone 18 or older. 

Racism -- regardless of who it is against -- is despicable, and it is equally upsetting that one of the four major sports leagues in America would promote an event with racist requirements. But if a corporation is intent on making “progress” in the name of “diversity,” it will inevitably embrace racism against some demographic.

Thank goodness we have at least one prominent leader who won’t even remotely tolerate it.

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