Ronnie the Rapping Rat Goes to City Hall to Raise Furry Awareness

Jason Cohen | October 12, 2022
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In a culture jam to reveal how ridiculous the left has gotten, Comedian Alex Stein dressed as a character called Ronnie the Rat and went to City Hall to raise awareness for furries.

Stein describes his method of culture jamming: “My brand of humor is mixing absurdity with reality.” In this case, he takes the trans phenomenon and makes it even more crazy. 

Ronnie began his visit to Allen City Hall by saying, “Hello council, my name is Ronnie the Rat and I am a trans-species elementary teacher.” 


While there have not been any known instances of trans-species teachers yet, there have certainly been noteworthy transgender ones including a Wisconsin elementary school teacher playing a transgender presentation for students without parents’ permission, as well as changing their name and pronouns. Also, recently there was a Canadian transgender teacher with inappropriately gargantuan prosthetic breasts. 

Ronnie talked about his students’ struggles of getting made fun of and how he accommodates them: “If they feel more comfortable being a cat I don’t mind putting a litter box in the classroom that lets him defecate in there. That’s what I think is important. And should I tell the parents? No.” 

It has been denied, but there was a rumor that caught on like wildfire that a school seriously did this for students. Even if it is not true, the fact that so many people believed it demonstrates how insane woke culture has gotten. 

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Ronnie further described how he encourages the children to adopt this lifestyle, even buying them their own furry costumes. But he is offended that parents call him “the G word” (groomer), which he said is basically like ‘the N word.’”

Ronnie is a rapping rat so he finished with a freestyle that ends by saying, “The indoctrination is super strong, you can come to class in your little thong.” 

This finale gets to the root of the issue. Sexual indoctrination in schools is sickening and needs to be stopped.

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