Root Writer Claims Gordon Ramsay Tried To Save Struggling Restaurant With ‘Caucasianery’

ashley.rae | December 7, 2017
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Gordon Ramsay’s attempt to save a floundering soul food restaurant in Sacramento is being met with backlash from a Root writer who claims Ramsay attempted to ruin the restaurant with his “Caucasianery.”

The Sacramento Bee reports Sandra Dee of Sandra Dee’s Bar-B-Que & Seafood agreed to an offer by the producers of Ramsay’s new show, “Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back,” to help her revive her restaurant.

According to The Root’s Michael Harriot, accepting Ramsay’s help was Dee’s first mistake, as she was “breaking soul food restaurant rule No. 1: Keep the Caucasians out of the kitchen.”

Harriot claims that by allowing Ramsay into her restaurant, Dee made it so Ramsay “splashed Caucasianery all over everything.”

Among Harriot’s complaints is that Ramsay attempted to remove some of the menu items. Harriot claims that the move was to make the menu more pleasurable to the British palette, as the British are “a people known worldwide for the blandness of their mushlike food that tastes like a mixture of algebra and radio static.”

However, for those who are unfamiliar with Ramsay’s usual mode of operation, he often requests restaurants reduce the size of their menus so that the chefs can be trained in perfecting specific meals rather than a vast array of different dishes.

He goes on to claim Ramsay did not understand the importance of having a wide selection of seafood and barbecue at a seafood and barbecue restaurant:

Ramsey told Dee that her restaurant would be better off with a menu of only eight items. Yes, the genius dining connoisseur from across the pond actually recommended less seafood and barbecue at a seafood and barbecue restaurant. I’m betting that he screamed it at her, too.

After explaining the menu predicament, Harriot goes on to fantasize about Dee feeding Ramsay his genitals for telling her to cut back on the seafood and barbecue items:

Then again, maybe he didn’t. If he yelled at a black woman named “Sandra,” I’d probably be writing a totally different article about how Ramsay Gordon was force-fed his own genitals after they were marinated in Lawry’s seasoned salt and his own blood. (Now, that would be a great episode!)

Harriot’s next complaint about Ramsay was that as the “Christopher Columbus of restaurants,” he picked out a decor that included “pig art,” which he was not aware previously existed.

Dee, however, said she will be keeping some of Ramsay’s decor suggestions as she “just wanted it to be more vibrant.”

As far as the menu changes, Dee told the Sacramento Bee, “I will not be doing it. I’m Creole and I don’t know how to cook without spice.”

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