Rosie O’Donnell: ‘I Seriously Worry’ If I’ll Survive Trump’s Presidency

Monica Sanchez | October 27, 2017


Image via Wikimedia Commons

Outspoken President Trump critic Rosie O’Donnell “seriously” worries whether she will be able to "live through" his presidency.

In a recent interview with W magazine, her first interview since the election, O’Donnell said that it’s taken a year for her to "integrate the reality of him being a president."

“It’s taken a year for me to get my equilibrium back, to come back up to the surface, to really go, ‘Okay, every Monday is the hope that this is the last week’—and every Friday is a devastation,” she said.

“There are people who tell me, ‘Oh it’s going to be another year, another two years,’ and I seriously worry whether I personally will be able to live through [his presidency] and whether the nation will be able to live through it and survive,” O’Donnell continued.

She said that the election results sent her into “severe shock” and gave her PTSD.

“It was a severe shock to my entire essence and my beliefs in the order in the world, and also the PTSD of having been an abused kid in a family,” said O’Donnell. “And to think that the man who had abused me so viciously and with impunity for over a decade was now running the country.”

She went on to call Trump a “madman” for the way he has handled the North Korea threat. 

“It’s a terrifying concept, on the brink of nuclear war with a madman in charge,” said O’Donnell. “And the ineptitude—the impotence of people who should be able to stop him claiming they can’t—is absolutely infuriating.”

Trump has feuded with O’Donnell for years, dating back to December 2006 when O’Donnell criticized Trump’s decision to allow former Miss USA Tara Conner to keep her crown after revelations of drug use and underage drinking.

She went a step further, slamming Trump for his multiple marriages, bringing up his bankruptcy allegations, and calling him a "snake-oil salesman." 

They have since exchanged fire, Trump calling her “a real loser” and “crude, rude, obnoxious and dumb” among other insults.

H/T Fox News Insider

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