Rrrracist! Rashida Tlaib Stands By Overtly Racist Comments Made to Detroit Police Chief

Nick Kangadis | October 3, 2019

Holy racist, Batman! Activist Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) once again showed her true colors this week when she called on Detroit Police Chief James Craig during a tour of the city's Real Time Crime Center to hire only “African-Americans” to be analysts for new facial recognition software that the department is using in order to better apprehend criminals.

It’s incredible.

Just look and be amazed:

"If I made a similar comment, people would be outraged," James told WXYZ - Detroit. "They'd be calling for my resignation."

Here’s what Tlaib said to Craig and the rest of the people in the room, word for word:

Analysts need to be African Americans, not people that are not. I think non-African Americans think African Americans all look the same. I’ve seen it even on the House floor: People calling [Georgia Rep.] Elijah Cummings 'John Lewis,' and [Maryland Rep.] John Lewis 'Elijah Cummings,' and they’re totally different people. I see it all the time, and I love them because they go along with it.

Wow! Tlaib was aware that cameras were rolling when she said that, right? I also loved how Craig calmly rebuffed Tlaib’s suggestion.

“I trust people who are trained, regardless of race; regardless of gender,” Craig told Tlaib. “It’s about the training.”

But, that wasn’t the only criticism Craig had concerning her comments.

In an interview with WDIV - Detroit, while James did acknowledge that facial recognition software is flawed, he made it known that Tlaib’s comments were “insulting” to non-African Americans who are professionals in their field:

We understand the flaws in the software. I’ve acknowledged that from day one. We understand it. And I told the congresswoman that I agree. However, we’ll put safeguards in place. But the fact that she made that statement, what does that say to the members of this department who are analysts, who are trained, who are white? That they in someway can’t do their job professionally? It’s insulting.

That's not where Tlaib's racism stopped. Not only was she racist against all "non-African Americans," but she also intimated that all suspects of crimes are black in her interview with WDIV.

"I stand behind my comments that facial recognition technology is broken and that relying on an analyst, that might not be reflective of the suspect, is flawed in itself as well," Tlaib said.

So, if Tlaib only wants African-Americans to be employed to run the facial recognition software she thinks is already flawed, then does she think that only black people commit crime in the city of Detroit judging by her comment above?

This isn’t a question of whether you agree or disagree with facial recognition software being used by police departments in order to help catch criminals. Some critics say that it’s just another case of “Big Brother” spying on all of us, while proponents of the technology say that they simply want to help victims bring criminals to justice.

No, this is about what Tlaib said. And she can deflect all she wants by trying to change the narrative to blaming the flaws on the technology, which there might be. But we all heard what you said, and for Craig to have rightfully been as insulted as he was by her comments, says more about Tlaib and less about facial recognition software.

H/T: Louder with Crowder