Rubio Busts Trump's Chops: 'He's a Very Sensitive Guy and That's His Problem'

Ben Graham | September 30, 2015
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Presidential candidate Marco Rubio described Donald Trump as a "very sensitive person" while responding to Trump's attacks on Hannity last night.

Host Sean Hannity asked if this back-and-forth is what we should expect with presidential politics.

Rubio responded:

"It shouldn’t be and it normally isn’t. As I said earlier, it’s very clear that he is a very insecure person; he doesn’t like to be criticized. The presidency is a tough job. You’re going to be criticized and you can’t flip out every time someone says something about you. He does, that’s his problem. I don’t have time to analyze why that is, but that’s the reality of it."

Rubio continued to say that Trump had a bad week, citing Trump being booed on stage and having low attendance at a sponsored event. Rubio also mentioned Trump losing his unconfirmed “support” from star NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

“He’s a very sensitive guy and that’s his problem; I’m not going to worry about it,” Rubio said. “Here’s what I am going to worry about, I’m going to worry about the future of this country.”

See more of Rubio’s comments below: